Bye Bye Plastic Bags partners with Purpose Art to raise funds for their plastic-free cause by selling unique ‘impact-NFTs’.

Seseh, Bali – Bali’s heroic youth-driven initiative, Bye Bye Plastic Bags, has made its first move into the web3 space by creating an impact-NFT collection to fund their fight against single-use plastic. This shift to the latest technology was made possible by Bali start-up Purpose Art and BBPB’s in-house artist, Aqil, creating an incredibly vibrant collection of 11,111 NFT artworks. 

These impact NFTs are the first of their kind and Purpose is on a mission to continue on the path of creating a shift in the blockchain space by pairing trained NFT artists with heart-led organisations. 

BBPB’s ‘Plastic Free’ collection goes on sale in early June and adds another funding channel to their cause, ending plastic pollution once and for all.