DanaDidik partners with Purpose Art to develop ‘impact-NFTs’ and raise funds for their student loan program. 

Seseh, Bali – A new type of fundraising has emerged, ‘impact-NFTs’, as affirmed by DanaDidik’s latest funding partnership with Purpose Art. DanaDidik helps the young Indonesian generation gain educational loans by providing an online peer-to-peer lending platform. The recent collaboration with purpose provides DanaDidik with a funding channel that leverages blockchain technology through NFTs. These impact-NFTs consist of digital artworks which are sold to the public and the subsequent revenue is pooled into a fund created by DanaDidik, which is to be used solely as a student loan fund. In this funding model, individual donors and businesses invest in a rare NFT collection which can be traded online for profit or used as further utility such as marketing, campaigns or events. With the help of Purpose, DanaDidik has made its first entry into the web3 space whilst continuing their mission of helping young Indonesians attain higher levels of education.