SOS Children Village has appointed Purpose to assist the organization in releasing the first Batik-themed impact-NFT in the world. Era Sukamto, a notable batik designer in Indonesia is supporting this initiative through her new batik theme/design collection, Adi Manungsa (A Complete Human Being).

The estimated amount that will be raised through these 111,111 units of impact-NFTs will be US$600K. 100% of the profit from this fundraising will be used to support SOS’s mission in Indonesia. A major retailer engagement is also expected out of this significant collaboration.

SOS Children Village has been actively helping children in Indonesia for the past 50 years and has a global presence in more than 135 countries.

Era Soekamto is a renowned Indonesian batik designer, Nusantara wisdom consultant & culture enthusiast. She’s based in Jakarta and has been in the batik and fashion industry since the mid-1990s.

Purpose is a Bali-based impact-NFT initiative that empowers artists and social enterprises around the world through a unique blockchain/Web3 exercise.